IAMU Institutional DataBase Project

Based on the first objective of the annex in Tasmanian Statement, the need for establishing a strong, active and informative network and cooperation among the members of the IAMU and industry.

IAMU Instituional Database Project Objectives

  • Providing a convenient and practical mechanism to develop the IAMU’s database and to achieve the objectives of the IAMU with regards to the cooperation in the field of maritime education, training and research as well as presenting marine consultations and projects.
  • Providing awareness to the international maritime community, entities and organizations related to define programs and abilities of the member universities. In context of maritime marketing, this will ensure and offer educational, training, research and consulting opportunities as well as communicational and co-operational prospects,
  • Establishing the core of electronic connectivity between different maritime workforce parties and maritime researchers and academics.
  • Promote the exchange of information and sharing of ideas in a user-friendly, secure and accessible environment.
  • To publish an electronic annual report t;hat gives suggestions on how to deal with challenges collaboratively.